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About Us


India’s Largest Wine Collection

You will not find a bigger or broader selection of wine anywhere. We’ve built winery relationships for decades to give you access to everything from big-name, critically-acclaimed wines to small production, unique bottles from all over the world and every region, varietal and price.

Best enjoyed with a bottle of our finest Whisky.

Mr. Mohit Kumar

VMS Distillery India (P) Ltd is fully registered and licensed liquor company located in Chandigarh and manufacturing facility in Unique liquors with projections to widen its operations to cover the Indian states (Rajasthan, punjab and delhi etc.) and Overseas exports. Also supplying IMFL like Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Vodka and Beer Specially Brandy in All Paramilitary Forces in India. and even beyond within its first 3 years of operations.Being a liquor company, the products on sales will include a variety of brands to drive friendly customer experience.

Distinctly vintage. Distinctly different.

Complete your day with the distinct Vintage largest Wine Collection and Producers in India.


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Who We Are

Leading Wine Producers in India.

We created VMS Distillery to revolutionize the way people like you discover, buy and enjoy the wine. Being wine lovers ourselves, we’re extremely proud to bring you the India’s largest selection, paired with expert guidance and unmatched convenience.

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What Can We Do?


We handle your wine with great care before you even place your order, by doing our own warehousing and fulfillment. Delivery options are up to you: choose your delivery date; skip the delivery hassle and conveniently pick up your order from our manufacturing; and enjoy free shipping on every order when you join our Special program. With VMS Distillery, shipping is on your schedule and at your convenience.

Magic Black Reserve Whisky

Also known as VMS Distillery's India Magic Black. it is an India brand of Whisky. It is VMS Distillery's best-selling brand by volume. It is a blend of grain spirits and imported scotch malts. It is commonly available in L, 750ML, 180ML bottles and also available in 90ML and 60ML bottles. It was first whisky brand launched in India that don't use any artificial flavors.

Day & Night Special Reserve Whisky

Premium Whisky. It is a perfect blend of Indian grain spirits and imported scotch malts for exquisite smoothness. One of the best whisky brands in India. Day & Night delivers value at an affordable price point. Through its consistent quality delivery, it has created a large following for itself across the country. For group VMS Distillery India Pvt. ltd. which own the leading liquor brands for all the Young Indians.

Border Night XXX Dark Rum

It is an authentic dark rum that gives an exotic taste in every sip. The rum is carefully blended with original matured malts and selected Indian grains Sprits features a rich aroma with a well balanced taste.

Royal Badshah Regular whisky

In the regular whisky segment, Royal Badshah whisky a smooth whisky with a finely balanced malt blend. Its light malty aroma with a hint of a smooth woody character, from the use of malt spirits specifically matured in pre-identified Indian oak casks, has ascertained that the Royal Badshah Whisky.

VMS King Gold Whisky

The king’s choice

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